Recent News

I am grateful and glad to share a small selection of some of the more exciting projects that have been apart of this past year.

Our Bodies Our Doctors Jan Haaken’s very timely feature documentary film that tells the story of a rebellion in the field of medicine as a cohort of physicians faces abortion stigma within their own profession and confronts religious control over health care decisions. As it is largely set in the american west and is, in Jan’s words, essentially a continuation of the 1960’s feminist movement, I aimed to draw inspiration from the sounds of 60’s folk and Americana.

Save The Giants is a documentary directed by Luz Carasa. Named after the nonprofit organization and organized/funded by NW Documentary, the film is about the locally famous colossal efforts put together by the citizens of Portland to save a collection of ancient Sequoia trees (which can live thousands of years!) from being cut down by a developer. As a citizen of Portland and a lover of the natural green world this lovely city is set within, I was very glad to lend a hand to this project!

One Life to Give is Benji Dunaief’s new feature film. Set in the American Revolutionary War, the story follows Nathan Hale and Benjamin Tallmadge through the (historically accurate) events that would lead to the formation of George Washington’s Culper Ring. The title of the film comes from Nathan Hale’s famous last words — “My only regret is that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

Merge was kind and thoughtful enough to bring me on board, so I was glad to score my first major commercial this winter with them for Florida Blue.

East Shade is a first person, open world video game to be released in early 2019. Thanks to my very good and old friend Phoenix Glendinning I was brought on to help compose and record some Waldzither tunes that the Bards would play in the TeaHouses! This is basically my childhood dream come true. Listen here!

A Past Far Awayis the new song by Chillhop Artist Kalaido. I am very happy to be playing guitar on much of his glorious new album, Moonlit Tales. A Past Far Away is particularly close to my heart.

Use MeHere AwhileElsewhere and Breakthrough some of the many exciting new films I was able to work on with my mentor Mark Orton (of Nebraska and Tin Hat fame) in 2018!

You can see a selection of projects I’ve worked on on my
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